Monday, November 16, 2009

Jaguar and Top Gear a history

The UK car Company, Jaguar, is certainly better off than it was 10 years ago. Though the queen probably doesn't approve, ford buying the brand probably saved it.

One of my friends, and I won't name names, doesn't know too much about jaguar. He probably doesn't even watch top gear online episodes However, I was talking to him about how this was the first instance of platformi sharing betwen the two companis -w hen the jaguar s type and th lincooln ls rode on the same platform. He seemed confused, and then asked me how ford and gm could produce the same car. This just goes to show how ignorant many americans are about the british brand.

Before ford bought jaguar, most americans, especially those outside the cities, didn't know anything about jaguar, but with the introduction of the S-type, one of jaguars first true volume models, taht's all changed for the better for jaguar. Jag still makes ballin' sedans like the XJ and the XK but the S type and the X type are really producing all of the money for jaguar. Now that the XJ8

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